Lee Roy Allison April 6, 1935 – September 30,2012

This afternoon members of Post 3 gathered with the family of Lee Allison, his friends and members of several other veterans organizations to remember and celebrate the life of our former commander and friend. Please keep his wife Lena in your prayers.    

Cuban Missile Crisis

I just read on Facebook that The Town Talk is looking for airmen who were stationed at England Air Force Base during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was during October 1962.  If you served during that time and want to be interviewed or know of someone they can talk to about the event, send them an email at metro@thetowntalk.com.

Post 3

I would like to introduce you to the American Legion Post 3.  I became involved with Post 3 in 1993 when they hired the accountant I worked for.  They were assigned to me and after all these years they are still a huge part of my life.   When I left that job, they left with me.  They have stuck … Continue reading Post 3