Hail To The American Legion Post 3

Why would I start with “Hail To The American Legion”?  Well you must read the story.  As I relate my story you will find that each segment could be a story of its own, but because this is about the American Legion, I will shorten these segments, but they are necessary for you to understand why the American Legion Post 3 means so much to me.

I hope to cover almost sixty years in as few words as possible.

1950 – Korean War – I was a WAC, that is what they called women in the Army then.

1957 – Fell in love and married a soldier who eventually served over 35 years in the military from World War II to Viet Nam, twice.

1960 – Had two children, one boy and one girl.  Happy, Happy times.

1971 – Kidnapped in Van Horn, Texas.  At gun point. I disarmed him and turned him over to the Highway Patrol.

1981 – My daughter was raped (she was a virgin) and killed herself immediately after.  Of course, my son went nuts afterwards, so as a result, my family was totally destroyed.

During this time, I wandered around the US, trying to find peace.  From Pennsylvania to Mississippi.  I became the basketball coach at Tugaloo College for only a short time until I had the urge to move again.  This is when I moved to New Orleans in 1986 until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit.  I had 11.7 feet of water in my home.  I lost everything.

I then moved to the Alexandria area.  Finally moving to Tioga.  In 2009 I found the American Legion.  I was in desperate need of a friend, someone I could share my story with.  Someone that would understand where I was in my life and I saw a sign that read “American Legion”.  I knew then I would find a friend, a brother or sister that would share at least a part of their lives with me.  So for the first time I entered the doors of the American Legion Post 3 and as I opened those doors the feeling of belonging and being loved hit me in the face.  I have been a loyal member ever since.  My compatriots and I have become more than compatriots, but friends!  We share jokes, stories, and tales about our lives.  I could not feel more at home anywhere and we here at Post 3 try to make every Veteran feel just as I felt when I opened those doors for the very first time.

So, HAIL TO THE AMERICAN LEGION, now and forever!!!!!!

Oh, by the way, my name is Delores DuVall, better known as Funzy.



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